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Electrical Pre-Construction

Calculating the cost of electrical jobs is my assignment as an electrical estimator. 
My job starts with a call from an electrical contractor who needs help bidding a project.
Might be almost anything and any size. The options are limitless schools,colleges
office complexes, power plants,water treatment,sewage treatment, manufacturing.
All are excellent for us to estimate.

Our electrical estimating software line up looks like this which is mainly Vision EBM
with Accubid,Conest, Estimation,McCormick programs. The last ones we see more
use of them in 2016 as the construction market continues to show a demand
for electrical contractor bids.

We offer our bid documents in three different ways as listed below.
1. Bid documents and estimate reports in PDF form email to our clients.
2. A client view of our estimates and job documents via "Server File Access" is available.
3. Secure private computers working off the internet with documents and reports in print
form express mailed. CD copies of our work are also sent. Highlighted takeoff drawings
color copies are available for purchase as they are part of the estimate work.
Fax estimate reports are possible during any part of our work. This is a highly secure
process guarding any given contractors secrets of their business.

Please give us a call to see how we can help out.
Phone 217-899-5485.

Thank You
John Stanulis

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